Kindergarten with Ace and Christi, Week 1: Layla Grace 

Week 1: July 12 – 13

Layla Grace has been watching Braydon all these weeks while he moves through page after page of PACE work. This morning she looked up at me with a crumbling face and said, “I don’t have any PACE’s.” 

To say it broke my heart is an understatement. 

“Do you want to start school?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, pouting. Up until this point I’ve talked about school always in the distant future, saying things like, ‘next year,’ or ‘when you’re five…’ 

Layla is 3 years old, plus 7 months. She’ll turn 4 this November.  

She waited while I homeschooled Braydon. “Is it my turn yet?” She said that phrase a hundred times. 

Finally, it was! 

And guess what! She gobbled it up. We did nearly four days of week one in one day. 

I was so tired I ended up STOPPING HER. She wanted to keep going! 

Look at her face! She LOVED it. I’m excited to see her continue to thrive and learn. 

I love home schooling these beautiful, wonderful children of mine. I am so blessed!

For week 1 we learned the letter sound “A”, the color red, the days of creation, and numbers 0-1. Also, lots of emphasis on listening and following directions. 

Happy Homeschooling! 

Kindergarten with Ace and Christi 2017 – 2018, Week 9: Braydon Michael 

Week 9: July 4 – 5, July 10 – 12

This week we learned the letter sound “G”, patterns, more numbers, the seasons, mazes, and the Bible story of Manna from God to Feed His People and Water from the Rock. 

Here is Braydon reciting Psalms 100 in its entirety! Now we move on to new scripture memorization. 

Braydon has two goldfish in his fish tank! We covered a paper plate with plastic wrap to represent the glass of a fish bowl. 

You know it’s been a good school day when gold glitter is EVERY WHERE! Ha! 

Oh! That sweet little face when I say no to the do-a-dot markers! 

Happy Homeschooling! 

Raya Kathryn: 1 Month Update 

Raya is 1 month old! This month we slept and nursed a lot. Around the 3 week mark, Raya could no longer fit into NB clothes comfortably. We moved to 0-3, and 3 month clothes! 

She loves eye contact and will track you as you move from side to side. She has just started smiling! She loves to be swaddled tightly. At the beginning of the month she hated her swing, but now at the end she is enjoying it! Yay! 

Enjoy these pictures through the first month of her life! 💗

Literally and hour after her birth! 

This was our announcement photo! 

First doctor’s visit! 

First bath at 13 days old! She loved it! 

First few smiles! 

BIG helper, sister Layla Grace. 

Kindergarten with Ace and Christi 2017 – 2018, Week 8: Braydon Michael 

Week 8: June 19, June 21, June 27 – 28, July 3 

This week we learned the letter sound “N”, the color black, more numbers, the fall/winter season, the concept of top and bottom, the concept of in between, and the Bible story of Moses Parting the Red Sea.

Monday is always a review. We did our do-a-dot sheet for the letter B. We also reviewed our numbers and did some listening activities. Monday’s are our shortest days! 

Craft of the cloud and fire that God used to lead Moses and His people to the promise land. Our entire schoolroom is covered in that gold glitter! 

Happy Homeschooling!