A Rich Home

In a few months my husband and I will be moving to our own space for the first time in our lives. Currently, we are snuggled up next to my parents, in their house. As we move “out of the nest”, it’s been clear to me that we are building a new one. 

In 2013, my resolution is to create a rich home through Christ. 

It’s available to anyone who has Christ as their center. We should not have homes that mimic the world. Instead, we should be role models to a dying world. Our homes shouldn’t be filled with exhaustion and busyness. No, our homes should be filled with the warmth, joy, beauty, and rest that only our Savior can provide. What is your home radiating today? Because, believe me, it matters to Christ in a big way. 

Is your home open to those who are weary? Can you share a meal, a laugh, a prayer with those who are in need of such? Are your arms open to those who don’t have a family? Is your home reflecting God’s heart? Is it a place people are drawn too, knowing they will be refreshed? Tell me, is this your home?

I desire a rich home in Christ. A home where hearts are turned to one another in love. Where there is peace and joy and Christ-centered conversation. Family members becoming the very best of friends and support for each other. Children who are growing in the fear of God, with respect and integrity. A home where there is harmony and true peace like only Jesus can provide. 

You have the power to change the atmosphere of your home. Let it give glory to God in 2013. What ministry can flow from your homes this year! 


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