Layla Grace: Two Years Old

Today we celebrated one of my favorite little humans.  She is sassy and loud and demanding.  She is smart and beautiful and gentle.  She’s tough with her brother and cuddly with her daddy.  She is my second born, Layla Grace.

She makes two things very clear: 1) she loves ice cream, and 2) she’s pretty much obsessed with Minnie Mouse.

What’s a mom to do when her second birthday came around? A Minnie Mouse themed ice cream party, of course!


There was some doting over our newest arrival, Emma Rose.


And some head rubbing from Uncle Tim (to which her response was grunting with satisfaction!).


There are many faces missing from these photos and I sincerely apologize!  I can get so wrapped up in the party and forget to take pictures all together.


Thank you to all our friends and family.  Thank you for the gifts, but more importantly thank you for your presence in Layla’s life.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Layla! I’m thanking The Lord for entrusting me with you. You make my world so much brighter. I’m reminded of the simple things in life when I’m with you: the hypnotizing calm of rain out the window or the amazement of an ant crawling on the concrete or the joy of popping lavender scented bubbles at bath time. You remind me to see the splendor in everyday life, to appreciate, to love, to grow, to learn, to discover, and to slow down because time clicks on much too fast. After all, you were just a newborn being placed in my arms for the very first time . . . I love you!


One thought on “Layla Grace: Two Years Old

  1. Ashley you are a beautiful person and mom 💕 It’s an honor to be living life with you. I’ll never forget the day Layla was born as long as I live….and I’m pretty sure neither will Reya!!! Layla is a magnificent creation and we love her to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and back 😉😉😘😘

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