A Prayer For Home

Dear Lord,

Fill me.

Fill me with Your perfect love so I can overflow with that love to my husband, my children, and everyone else that crosses my path.

Fill my womb with new life, a blessing, a baby, a new revelation of Your handiwork.

Fill my children with awe and devotion to You. Fill them with compassion for one another and deep sibling love.

Fill my home with an atmosphere of tender warmth and kindness. Of learning, of exploring, of songs, of prayer…

Fill our pantry with food and our oven with home cooked meals. Fill my table with palm branches and an endlessly growing family.

Fill my mornings with quiet prayer and my evenings with songs of praise.

Fill my life with friends who need me, and I, them.

Even though it is so hard, fill my days with the anointed work of being a good wife and mother.

Of praying on my knees until they sore. 

Of homeschooling energetic preschoolers who bore. 

Of homemaking, of sweeping, and mopping the floor. 


Fill my days with work that lasts, of shaping little hearts to love You, of molding little souls to know You.

Fill me up when I am running low. Fill my readers, the mothers who are giving all of themselves to the work of the family.

I love You, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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