Kindergarten with Ace and Christi 2017-2018, Week 1: Braydon Michael 

We started Kindergarten with Ace and Christi from Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)! 

Week 1: April 20 – 21, April 24 – April 26  

I was planning on waiting until August, after summer and the birth of our fourth baby, but Braydon was showing a strong interest in learning. He would “read” through books, sounding out the few letters he knows. He also asked me all the time to “draw letters” during coloring time and he would copy them quite impressively. I didn’t want to waste his enthusiasm! And these were crystal clear signs that he was ready (and chomping at the bit)! 

I love the way ACE is set up! It is day by day, week by week. They operate through 5 days a week with 36 weeks in a school year. Everything is clearly stated with what supplies you need and how to instruct your child through the booklets called PACE’s. A full review will come later on, once we are “in it” more. 

This week we learned the letter “A”. We also learned the days of creation and the story of Noah’s ark. 

So far, the work has been easy for Braydon. He is tracing lines and circles. This week was the color red. Braydon already knows all his colors and shapes. This curriculum is for ages 3 – 5, and we are already 5, so this is to be expected. I’m not surprised. 

However, we’ve been challenged in our story times! Braydon is asked to sit still and pay attention. Right now, he’s really only getting about half of the reading comprehension questions right at the end of a story. 

I haven’t taken nearly any pictures, only instagram stories, mostly boomarangs and videos (which do not save). Please add me on instagram for daily insta stories from our life! @ashleylynnobrien 

(*The letter “A” Do-A-Dot page was not apart of the ACE curriculum. I printed that offline and will do one with every letter we learn each week. You can find it by clicking here!) And this is why I love homeschooling! You can add or take away or stay longer on a certain subject. It’s all about individualizing each child’s education specifically to him or her! 

Here we are doing Friday’s craft. We made Noah’s Ark by folding back a piece of regular white printer paper. It was so simple, but still reiterated the concepts of Noah’s Ark! I found these animal stickers on Amazon, but the curriculum says if you cant find stickers you can just draw the animals. 

Layla Grace, our three year old, loved this craft. She loves stickers!!! She has been listening to the stories in Word Building and Bible, but she won’t start Kindergarten “officially” until next August (or when she shows more signs she’s ready). 

So, all-in-all we are spending around 1.5 – 3 hours a day on Kindergarten work. The most challenging thing has been keeping the other children entertained in something other than Braydon’s work, but making sure it’s not too fun so Braydon can stay focused on his PACE’s! Lol! 

Until next time! Happy Homeschooling! 



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