Kindergarten with Ace and Christi 2017-2018, Week 2-3: Braydon Michael 

Week 2: April 27 – April 28, May 1 – May 3

This week we learned the letter “M”, the color blue, the shape square, and the Bible stories of Balaam and the Talking Donkey and the Widow and Her Two Mites. 

On Thursday we started a new week, but our day was not very long! We did school for 1 hour and completed all our lessons (which are always a review on day 1!). Like last week, Braydon was only challenged when listening to the stories and answering the comprehension questions at the end. The actual PACE work was easily done. Because of this, we did some of Friday’s work on Thursday. If our schedule permits and Braydon is feeling up for it, I don’t see why we wouldn’t keep this trend going. And again, this is why I love homeschool! 

On Friday we did a fun cut and glue craft. Braydon made his picture a blue airplane with red clouds! 

Braydon wasn’t feeling very well on Monday, so we had a relaxing morning in our pajamas watching Veggie Tales and eating blueberry muffins. In the afternoon, he perked up and was looking for some more engagement, so we jumped into school. 

On Wednesday we made “church banks” with tag board churches and toilet paper rolls. It was a really fun craft and the kids loved to put their coins inside. This went with the story of The Widow who gave all she had to God. (Sorry I did not take any photos of that!) 

Week 3: May 5, May 8 – 9 

We learned the letter sound “S”, the color green, the shape triangle, the role of Mama and Daddy, and the concepts of over and under and left and right. 

We did our first “double day” and had so much fun! Day 1 & 2 of week 3 were done on May 5th. We had two other “double days” to complete week 3. 

This week we learned about Sandy Sunfish who didn’t have a family. It was the most beautiful story of adoption because at the end she found her forever family. I love that even though we don’t have a very personal story of adoption in our lives (although my sister, their Auntie Jo is adopted) it allowed Braydon to begin to think on and understand the concept. We would love to adopt one day. It is a beautiful testimony of what God did by adopting me through Christ Jesus! 

When I asked Braydon what his favorite part of school was he told me the “cutting and gluing projects.” 

Braydon got three gold stars this week for completing three PACE’s in their entirety! He aced the “tests” in the back! We BOTH are enjoying this homeschool adventure! 

Happy Homeschooling! 


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