Kindergarten with Ace and Christi 2017-2018, Week 4: Braydon Michael 

Week 4: May 9 – 11, May 15 – 16 

This week we learned the letter sound “F”, the color yellow, the shape rectangle, the concepts of on and off, and the Bible story of Eli and Samuel. 

This week Braydon BEGGED me to continue with the Felix Fox story! He wanted to find out how it ended. To be fair, there was wicked cliff hangers every time! He is getting much better with listening to the stories and answers the comprehension questions right more times than not! I can see him growing right before my eyes!!! My favorite thing about homeschool thus far is seeing those changes and growth on a very intimate level! I would have missed this if he was in public school. 

This week I realized there was “homework” pages of the science and math PACE’s! The entire curriculum is set up for a Christian school, so it makes perfect sense. We spent a good portion of our school week catching up on those extra PACE pages which provided a wonderful review for us. He was awarded two more golden stars for these completions… and just like that, we are 1/12 the way through the school year. 

Happy Homeschooling! 


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