My Sister, The College Graduate! 

My little sister graduated college! Eek! We are all SO proud of her! We KNOW she is going places! Here are some pictures of her graduation party celebrating her! 

My mom and dad with Lindsay. 

My mom, Lindsay, and my 38 week pregnant mess! Lol! 

That cake was really good! 

As always, my parents went all out with the party. There was BBQ ribs, lamb shishkabobs, homemade macaroni and cheese, Mom & Dad’s famous potato salad, corn on the cob, and sooo much more. We enjoyed the day swimming, talking, and playing LOTS of card games on the back porch. It was a beautiful day with family. 

Congratulations, Lindsay! We all love you so much! Fantastic job and follow through! You’re my inspiration! 

Also, congrats to all the other grads who DID IT! Y’all deserve to celebrate! 


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