Mary Jo’s 28th + Her Pool Party! 

My sister, Mary Jo, turned 28 on May 13th! We celebrated her with a pool party and BBQ!

Here she is with her bouquet of flowers! I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures of her with the cake!!!

We were blessed to be able to take our Mama Bernice out of the nursing home for a day. She is my dad’s mom and has had a severe decline in the last two years with her body and mind.

I was so proud of Braydon because he cared for her. He asked her if she was feeling better and got her a cup of water without anyone asking. On week two of our homeschool we learned of the value of caring for the elderly, so I can’t help but think he was inspired by that and moved in love.

Auntie Lindsay Rose with Emma Rose.

Ended the night with Chinese take-out and satisfied stomachs and hearts.

Happy Birthday, Mary Jo! May all your dreams come true!


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