A New Tradition 

I follow a vlogger who has a Thursday night tradition with her large homeschooling family. I thought it would be fun and educational to start it in our own family! 

We just instituted chores. These are the things the children will do above and beyond normal everyday tasks. This week Braydon (5 years old) and Layla (3 years old) did their chores and were paid $3 each. 

We went to the dollar store in town and told them they could buy anything they wanted as long as it was $3 and under. (We also gave them the option to save.) We looked at snacks, and clothes, and finally… TOYS! 

At first Layla was going for all the sticker books, but then she saw the play dough and decided on that! Braydon really wanted a cool red truck but it was $5!!! My momma heart wanted to give him the extra two dollars so bad!!! But that’s not the point! This was a money lesson! He found a yellow motorcycle toy for $3 instead. 

It was way too cute watching them walk up to the cashier and hand her their dollar bills. 
Daddy decided to stop by Chick-fil-a for some warm chocolate chunk cookies on the way home. What a treat! At home we played with the new toys and ended the night with a movie. 

Can’t wait to do it again next week! 


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