Kindergarten with Ace and Christi 2017-2018, Week 6: Braydon Michael 

Week 6: May 30 – May 31, June 6 – June 7 

This week we learned the letter sound “E”, the color purple, the concept of open and closed, more numbers, and the Bible stories of Baby Moses in the Basket and Moses and the Burning Bush. 

Monday was Memorial Day, so we had a low-key barbecue in the backyard and no school. It was a little chilly and overcast, and then came the rain! We enjoyed some inside activities. 

Braydon did this USA puzzle and I got to explain that this was our land… this is America. The pledge of allegiance, our flag, our country is protected by soldiers who sometimes give up their lives defending our freedoms. Thank you to all the men and woman who have given the ultimate sacrifice! We remember you! 

Later in the evening, I set Braydon up at the computer to do some ABC Mouse. We haven’t been using this educational tool as often as I want to! I am making a point to schedule into our day or at least every other day. Braydon loves the games the best and always looks forward to “computer time.” 

On Tuesday we had a “double day”. Plus, I added these number 1 and 2 worksheets I found online. Braydon is technically on number 9 with ACE PACE work, but he really hasn’t memerized his numbers yet. I feel the PACE work is weak when it comes to learning numbers. We’ll do more of these worksheets throughout the week and soon I hope to introduce the card game Uno as a learning tool. You can find the worksheets here.

He colored his shoes “rainbow”. 

We spiced up this elephant puppet with googley eyes and pom – poms. Braydon’s finger through the hole is it’s trunk! Letter E this week means cute elephants! 

Here’s Braydon’s finger puppet after the glue dried on Wednesday. 

We glued eggshells onto the letter E page. Braydon was so confused at first thinking they were seashells! Haha! 

A few weeks ago the girls would freak out over a fly in the house. They would scream, run, cry, and need me to hold them. So I told them it was our pet and Braydon named him “SnuggleBug”. Now every fly is SnuggleBug and if there are two in the same room it’s always SnuggleBug’s sister or brother. They aren’t scared anymore which is great, but now my son is fascinated by his “pet”. 

Ending the day with our Goal Card all filled out! It’s very satisfying! 

B: “Hey mom, come look at my picture!” 

Me: “It’s looks so good I could eat it!” 

Something really special happened this week… Braydon got another little sister! You can read all about our home birth story HERE.

Technically not a school day, but we did some coloring together on June 5 because a new baby is a hard transition on everyone and I felt like I really needed to give Brady some one on one time. 

Back at it on June 6th with a 3 day old! School went SO well! We even put together a fun Mickey puzzle Braydon’s Marmi got for him. 

Happy Homeschooling! 


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