Raya Kathryn: 1 Month Update 

Raya is 1 month old! This month we slept and nursed a lot. Around the 3 week mark, Raya could no longer fit into NB clothes comfortably. We moved to 0-3, and 3 month clothes! 

She loves eye contact and will track you as you move from side to side. She has just started smiling! She loves to be swaddled tightly. At the beginning of the month she hated her swing, but now at the end she is enjoying it! Yay! 

Enjoy these pictures through the first month of her life! 💗

Literally and hour after her birth! 

This was our announcement photo! 

First doctor’s visit! 

First bath at 13 days old! She loved it! 

First few smiles! 

BIG helper, sister Layla Grace. 


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