Kindergarten with Ace and Christi, Week 1: Layla Grace 

Week 1: July 12 – 13

Layla Grace has been watching Braydon all these weeks while he moves through page after page of PACE work. This morning she looked up at me with a crumbling face and said, “I don’t have any PACE’s.” 

To say it broke my heart is an understatement. 

“Do you want to start school?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, pouting. Up until this point I’ve talked about school always in the distant future, saying things like, ‘next year,’ or ‘when you’re five…’ 

Layla is 3 years old, plus 7 months. She’ll turn 4 this November.  

She waited while I homeschooled Braydon. “Is it my turn yet?” She said that phrase a hundred times. 

Finally, it was! 

And guess what! She gobbled it up. We did nearly four days of week one in one day. 

I was so tired I ended up STOPPING HER. She wanted to keep going! 

Look at her face! She LOVED it. I’m excited to see her continue to thrive and learn. 

I love home schooling these beautiful, wonderful children of mine. I am so blessed!

For week 1 we learned the letter sound “A”, the color red, the days of creation, and numbers 0-1. Also, lots of emphasis on listening and following directions. 

Happy Homeschooling! 


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